My Surgeries


12/18/2009                            Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy

                                                Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

                                                Anterior colporrhaphy with mesh

                                                Bilateral sacrospinous fixation using Boston Scientific uphold                

                                                Posterior colporrhaphy

                                                TVT sling


                                                Lysis of adhesions


12/31/2009                           Attempted TVT  release (in office)


2/12-13/2010                        Excision of sling

                                                Mesh revision



                                                Repair of the urethrostomy


I saw two different doctors several times, they ran some tests, then said there was nothing they could do. The latter referred me to the Head of Female Urology at the University Medical Center two hundred miles away. He took his time, explained all the possibilities, and we started with a spiral sling, which allowed me to urinate, but I would have to self-cath to drain my bladder. 


6/25/2010                              Transvaginal placement of spiral urethral sling, complicated

            UMC doc                    Cystectomy with suprapubic tube placements


                                                Excision of vaginal mesh erosion

                                                Transvaginal ureterolysis


1/17/12                                   Implantation of Peripheral Neurostimulator Lead


2/28/12                                   Placement of Stage II PNS


5/24/13                                   Excision of exposed vaginal mesh



11/13/2013                            Cystoscopy

                                                 Botox – 20 injections


6/11/2014                              Cystoscopy

Intended to inject Botox –instead found spiral sling had migrated into urethra


7/8-10/2014                           Removal of bladder stone

                                                 Transurethral bladder neck closure

                                                 Removal of spiral urethral sling


                                                 Insertion of suprapubic catheter


Two weeks after surgery, I returned to the doctor’s office and saw the PA.  I told her I was going to travel and the catheter bag was going to be awkward with dressing.  She told me I could plug the catheter and gave me several.  So I plugged the catheter and noticed a short time later I was leaking urine.   When I returned to the doctor he indicated that the vagina had not healed, I plugged the catheter too soon and I would have to have another surgery.


12/19-21/2014                       Transvaginal closure of the fistula

                                                 Placement of Martius flap

                                                 Upsizing of SPT


5/4/2015                                 Removal of Peripheral Neuro stimulator  and  Leads

            Local doc

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So this was the journey for a simple procedure.