Types of Incontinence


Stress incontinence is probably what I noticed first. You know… when you go to sneeze and cross your legs, no matter where you are.  This is an involuntary loss of urine that increases physical stress and pressure in the abdomen and bladder. 

Urge incontinence is more like “I waited too long!”  You feel a crucial need to go and by the time you get there, it’s too late.  You go whether you were ready to or not.  If you’re passing a bathroom, go, just in case.

Overflow incontinence  is frequently caused by surgeries. You have to self-cath because your  bladder is never empty.  You don’t feel or notice it so you might lose small amounts without noticing that either!

Mixed incontinence  Yep, had this too.  This typically involves both stress and urges incontinence.  Read both.  Joy!

Transient incontinence is caused by a short-term medical condition or treatment for a condition.

Total incontinence is the complete damage to the urinary tract.  Anything liquid that went in my mouth went straight through my bladder and out.