Cysto means bladder

Scopy means visual examination


When possible I always ask that they position the camera so I can watch.


3D ultrasound 

High-definition 3D ultrasound technology is able to identify and treat vaginal mesh complications. With ultrasound, you can see exactly where the mesh is located and where it’s causing problems.



A common procedure with incontinence and mesh. During a cystoscopy, a tube with a camera and light on the end is inserted through your urethra and into your bladder so the doctor can examine the inside of your bladder.


A procedure using ultrasonic waves to break up bladder stones into smaller pieces and remove them. Bladder stones are minerals that have built up in the bladder.



A procedure usually performed by a urologist that allows the physician to see the inside of the lower urinary tract (urethra, prostate, bladder neck, and bladder).


Excision of exposed vaginal mesh
Surgery to remove exposed mesh.  Many women with mesh problems will have some exposed mesh. 


Peripheral Neurostimulator Lead   
Sacral nerve stimulation is covered for the treatment of urinary urge incontinence, urgency-frequency syndrome, and urinary retention. Sacral nerve stimulation involves both a temporary test stimulation to determine if an implantable stimulator would be effective and a permanent implantation in appropriate candidates.

Patient must have had successful test stimulation in order to support subsequent implantation. Before a patient is eligible for permanent implantation, he/she must demonstrate a 50% or greater improvement through test stimulation. Improvement is measured through voiding diaries.


suprapubic cystostomy or suprapubic catheter (also known as a vesicostomy or epicystostomy)
A surgically created connection between the urinary bladder and the skin which is used to drain urine from the bladder in individuals with obstruction of normal urinary flow.



A surgical procedure aimed at exposing the ureter in order to free it from external pressure or adhesions or to avoid injury to it during pelvic surgery, most often hysterectomy. The procedure can be done during open or laparoscopic surgery.



Surgical suspension of the urethra from the posterior surface of the pubicsymphysis in order to correct urinary stress incontinence.



Although Botox has long been used to smooth aging skin, new research finds that the muscle relaxant is also a useful treatment for urinary incontinence. With the condition, an overactive bladder contracts too often or without warning, leading to the constant urge to urinate and/or bladder leakage.