About Me

About Dr. Nancy Gretzinger


BS            Elementary & special Education, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

MEd       Curriculum & Supervision, Wright State University, Fairborn, Ohio

Ed. D      Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona



Retired. Over forty years mostly in the public-school setting in urban, rural and inner-city settings at the classroom, building and district level.  I have taught special education classes at the undergraduate and graduate level at MacPherson College, Northern Arizona State University and Arizona State University. I also worked as Director for Children Services for a a private, nonprofit for special need individuals.


Areas of Expertise

Almost anything in the school setting.  My diverse experiences allowed me exposure to many different issues, so if something isn’t listed, ask me.


  • How happy are you with your child’s first quarter grades? Five things to ask yourself?
  • Teacher requests and grade assignments take place the last month of school. Check to see if your school encourages this.
  • More and more people are abandoning public schools (at least in AZ) and selecting charter schools.
  • How your child can help someone who is being bullied?
  • Is college or a trade school important?
  • The successful school routine for you and your child.
  • How to complete a college application with success
  • Empty nest syndrome – volunteer!
  • Possible education aids and activities for active students.
  • My child is active and his teacher wants him on medications


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