Who am I and why would I want to do a website and blog?  For the last thirty years, I have had my share of medical problems and attempts at wellness.  I always knew I was going to be a teacher.  I love kids, learning, teaching and helping people.

 My Journey

When I was having another surgery in December 2014 with the chronic infections and fatigue, I decided to retire after forty-one years in education. I discovered I could not keep up and do justice with my special needs preschoolers.

Retirement has been hard.  In education, you have a strict routine (Is that for the kids or the adults)?  After retirement, I was recovering from my tenth mesh surgery.  My body and overall health were fragile. Depression is all encompassing and disabling for me.

I decided to pursue a long-time goal. I kept telling my doctors and friends, I was going to have a website and write a blog about my experiences.  I was hoping I might be able to help someone make a better-informed decision about an elective surgery.

With tens of thousands of people experiencing incontinence and mesh insults, you would think there would be guidance, answers, and plenty of information on the Internet.  It took me over two years to gather pertinent information.  I found multiple mesh websites discussing doctors, procedures, after effects and pain.  I couldn’t find anything on how to navigate all the mess, including supplies, tips, and insights.  If you didn’t know what questions to ask, it was “too bad so sad.”  For example, I was on short term disability at least four times but no one suggested long-term disability.

In addition, I had discovered essential oils.  I was absolutely fascinated with the whole concept.  In the Southwest, it is common to see someone slice open part of an aloe vera plant and apply it to a burn.  But we are woefully ignorant of the wide range of oils available and the amazing uses of oils.   I have watched multiple Facebook presentations, attended training, conventions and scoured websites to feed my quest for knowledge.  I am certified to do the waterfall techniques. I switched from one company to Améo. I am working on my Integrative Oil Certification through Dr. Scott Johnson.

I have a new passion and direction!  I have a doctorate in education and love doing research.  I look forward to educating YOU on being your own health advocate and the CEO of your health. I continue to be a lifelong learner and want to help people. This website is my attempt to help those with mesh issues and interest in essential oils to “Get your Healthy ON!”